Welcome to 518’s page I will be working on updating the story of the building of this new Skyhawk  in the coming weeks.  It is important to note that this is an entirely new plane! If you are interested in purchasing or knowing more about this great plane  please give me a call or drop me a note.

Story of the first flight and Brief outline of construction by Paul Filmer  Global Aviation Resource

You can watch videos of 518 YouTube – Skyhawk709’s Channel

More Videos of “Buick” making passes during the Chino 2011 show  here and here and one more

Britt Dietz took these great shots of 518, check out his web site for more amazing aviation  photography.


Below, Mike Eberhart and Jack McCain doing some air work near San Deigo Ca. Photo by David Vopat

I will upload photos of the restoration as time permits. We started on 518 June 13th 2005. The first flight was on April 18 2010.

August 19  2005

Tail conversion from J-65 to J-52 underway during December of 2005


The shop as it appeared in December of 2006

The cockpit Before and After. The entire forward fuselage is completely re wired.


Ed Miller, a former Marine A-4 electrician, is here pulling out every stitch of wire from the forward fuselage. On the right,  the front cockpit progressing. Jeff Nelson of Custom Connections is responsible for the entire re design and re- wire of 518. All the wires are marked as the stock TA-4 is and can be troubleshot using the stock Navair  electrical manual.

May 2009, The aft panel is being fit and wired.  

Gear swing March 26th of 2008