I will add more of our friends and supporters links as time allows. thanks for your patientce!

My You Tube Channel                   YouTube – Skyhawk709’s Channel

Photographer Paul Filmer’s Page about Fighting Classics. Paul is a good freind that visits us often. We always have a great time, and the guy can work a camera! Take some time and enjoy his site.       skippyscage photography – Marana Regional (Avra Valley), AZ (KAVQ) – Fighting Classics TA-4J First Flight – 16-19 April 2010

 An Awesome Skyhawk video with combat footage. The second half is all TA-4 stuff. 

Sunrise Helicopter supplied the J-52P8B. I can’t say enough about John and his folks. They have been tremendous!                             Phone: (281) 251-4005 Fax: (281) 251-8848  Sunrise Helicopter Inc. 20803 Stuebner Airline #12. Spring, Texas 77379

 Custom Conections of Arizona is responsible for all the electrical work. Jeff Nelson and Jamie Sego were great to work with during the course of the entire project. Jeff’s ability to improve and simplify a system  is amazing !

 Warner Propellor and Govenor   did all of our NDT and cad plating. Dennis and Brook were a pleasure to work with. They are doing the same great work on the     A-4C we are now working on.